Exploring Sports


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Shooting sports was not as difficult as I expected it to be. The movement and capturing good moments was a little tough and I had to remind myself to look at everything with a photographer’s perspective to determine what deserved the cameras attention.

The part that I felt made it easier on me was that I didn’t have to ask everyone for their names because they were continuously introduced and in the press box there was a paper that allowed me to spell check what I wrote down.

I found that maybe starting off with a different sport other than softball or baseball would have been a wise choice considering it was difficult to shoot past the fence. Especially when you are a student journalist and have no credentials to shoot on the side of the field for closer pictures.

I also think it was harder to get a meaningful audience reaction during the game that wasn’t just a few claps and shouts of encouragement. There wasn’t too much real energy to capture in the audience during the game.

I think the challenge I had the most fun with was shooting the action. The rush that I was getting from setting up my camera to trying to get multiple shots to capture each stage of the action was incredible satisfying, especially when I caught someone right in the middle of some intense movement.

The coach shot was difficult considering they stayed close to the dug-out and maneuvering around the fence to get a clear shot was an issue. However, the coach would step out after each inning to speak with the players in groups, and I had to try and wait for direct conversation to capture a decent picture.

I wish I could have stepped on the field for just a second to get a picture of the girls shouting encouraging words to their teammates because their energy was mesmerizing. However, I was defeated again by the fence and the areas I could occupy.

In the end, I had much more fun than I anticipated shooting the game and I am looking forward to exploring different events in the future.


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