A Final Photostory and Goodbye: Spring Cleaning at Belle Isle

Wrapping up the semester with a photo story was a nice ending to this class. I’m extremely thankful to have learned how to use some editing software’s like Adobe Premiere, even if it’s just at a beginner level. I had such a great time completing each task involved with this project.

The week we came back from spring break, I attended a panel that discussed human trafficking that was hosted by the people who run the PEACE Journals organization at Wayne State. PEACE Journals was started at WSU by Ahmed Awada and are an organization that gives people a safe space when needed. They promote peace, love and happiness and host events to advocate for those things.

At the panel, PEACE Journals announced that they were heading to Belle Isle on April 22 to participate in their annual spring clean up event and I thought this would be such a fun thing to shoot (especially because I wanted to help clean up one of my favorite parks as well), so I asked if I could hang around and take pictures of them.

The event was genuine and fun; everyone there was really into keeping Belle Isle clean and they brought such positive energy with them. The weather could not have been better after a week of rain. The sun was out and it wasn’t too hot, making it perfect to get down and dirty when needed, as well as giving me great lighting for photos.

This project was actually one of the first out of the projects we did that made me feel like I wanted to continue practicing my photojournalism skills. I want to continue to explore different environments and speak with different people about what they’re doing. I want to be curious and follow my questions and give people the voice they deserve.

The people in PEACE Journals were all so kind and easy to chat with, I felt excited to photograph and interview them. I feel more excited to interview and photograph other people as I continue down this journalism road, and I feel more prepared to do so.