I Shot 10 Photos to Exemplify Photography Techniques

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I have never gone beyond my phone or my old digital camera I took pictures with in grade seven to document my life visually, so this first photojournalism project was a learning experience. As I worked through the ten elements, I learned something new and saw ways I could improve immediately with my picture taking skills. With my final 10 pictures, I see lessons and I know that I’m still rough around the edges, but I’m excited to get better and grow as a photographer in this class.

The hardest pictures for me to shoot were the panned action and the shallow depth-of-field pictures. I couldn’t quite get the subject in complete focus for my panned action. For the shallow depth-of-field, I had a hard time creating a blurred background. I went through a lot of different aperture numbers and shutter speeds to shoot the photos I have now, and I need to continue practicing to establish standard numbers that I associate with those specific photographic elements.

The pictures I enjoyed shooting the most were perspective, stopped motion and blurred action. I shot these elements with multiple different subjects and narrowing down to my favorite pictures was a hard task. I know I need to work on lighting with these and maybe experiment more with perspective to get cooler shots, but I had a fun time shooting them.

I need to work on capturing a lighter and more focused background with my silhouette image. I used the sunset to my advantage this time. For my shadow pictures, I also need to pay more attention to the light and perspective I am shooting with, so I can get more exaggerated and darker shadows.

A lot of my photos were shot when the sun was setting or when it was close to setting, so I would like to experiment more with shooting in a daylight setting. I would also like to experiment with inside settings, considering I played on natural light for each of my photos.

Even though I did stick to shooting in the same lighting for the most part, I did consider the light I was working with more than I ever have when taking photos. I considered the exact spot I was standing in, as well as considering how the light was hitting my subject.

This project gave me a push to begin leaving my comfort zone with taking pictures. I still have minor anxieties about invading people’s personal space and moving around to get a good shot, but since these photos are pretty average and not super exaggerated, I want to work on eliminating that anxiety. I want to be able to move around for better shots that will capture people’s interest.

My photos for this project did satisfy me as a beginner, but I know I can do better and work harder to get a better shot if I focus and if I let go of my anxieties.